...With a myriad of neighbourhoods to explore and choose from in Toronto, you'll soon find that in each path that you follow, in each place that greets you, there is a story awaiting to be told. This is particularly true in one of our favourite neighbourhoods in the city: The Distillery District."

Toronto finds in its streets an unparalleled sense of belonging. It’s a place where lively ethnic backgrounds and rich cultures blend together into a rather unique melting pot. A part of the world where people feel at home, regardless of how distant their true home may be.

A skip and a stroll away from Toronto’s downtown core and a short walk from the world renowned St. Lawrence market, this 19th century landmark awaits to be discovered. The 13 acres that once housed the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery, now make part of a prominent heritage site where cobblestone lined streets and Victorian industrial structures embrace their past as the present unfolds, creating a timeless atmosphere.

Where casks filled with whiskey in a prohibition era and acetone barrels bound for war once lingered, locals and tourists alike now share these grounds as they explore the alleys filled with unique stores, local shops, microbreweries of sake and beer, as well as, restaurants and bistros.

Come live and explore this unique historic site!


....A skip and a stroll away from Toronto's downtown core, and a short walk from the world renowned St Lawrence Market, this 19th century landmark awaits to be discovered....

What you'll find at The Distillery District